The body has a long list of requirements to function properly. When you have Type 2 Diabetes, you will need insulin injections. To get the most out of your insulin, patients need to follow an established schedule to take them. Unfortunately, life is more complicated; it is not unheard of for people with diabetes to miss their shots or fall out of their schedule.

The result of missed shots can differ from person to person, though there are common signs that indicate the rise of A1C levels. The following illustrates how the body reacts to the lack of insulin in people with diabetes.

What Happens When You Miss One Dose?

Missing one dose of insulin can result in hyperglycemia, which is when your blood glucose levels rise at alarming rates. The symptoms include frequent urination, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, and constant drowsiness. Physical signs may include dry or flushed skin.

What Happens When You Take Insulin Irregularly?

Poor Glucose Control

HbA1c is the way people measure glucose control. When this shows poor glucose control, it can truly put a dent in long-term diabetes management.

Some studies show that 25 percent of participants who never miss their timed insulin shots have complete control over their glucose levels. However, people who miss doses often see an increase of HbA1c by 0.5-1.5 percent, which is much higher compared to the results from patients with regularly timed doses.

Frequent Hospitalization

When you have a hard time managing your glucose levels, you increase your risk of ending up in the hospital. The more frequently you visit the hospital, the greater the danger to you. The price of healthcare is already high for people with pre-existing conditions, so to prevent stepping into a doctor’s office, stick to your insulin shot schedule.

Complications in the Near Future

Type 2 Diabetes can make you more vulnerable to life-threatening diseases. Without an adequate supply of insulin, the higher the chances for your body to develop these complications, which will be much harder to manage.

Worsened Quality of life

The symptoms of the lack of insulin intake for a person with diabetes can cause a frequent need for urination. Problems can also extend to your sex life and career. Missing an insulin shot can also generate feelings of weakness. Excusing yourself to take insulin shots in the bathroom is much better than leaving a social event feeling weak and drained.


Diabetes is not easy to live with, especially since this condition can make you a lot more prone to high-risk complications—COVID-19 included. Taking care of yourself and your body is the best way to manage insulin intake. The less stressed you are, the more likely you can take your dose on time. Staying consistent is key to fighting diabetes.

Knowing what might happen without regular insulin can motivate you to do everything you can to prevent these scenarios from happening to you.

If you’re having trouble managing your insulin levels on your own, you may need diabetes help programs to get you back on track. Walker Lake Pharmacy is a community establishment created by a pharmacist with compassion for holistic healthcare. Contact us now to get started.