Smoking Cessation Support

According to the conference board of Canada, smoking causes more than 45,000 deaths every year. Smoking is one of the worst habits that can sabotage your health and affect your lifestyle. But quitting cigarettes is quite tricky. Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic can help you quit smoking easily with our smoking cessation support.

Smoking can be fun, but it can significantly reduce your life expectancy and harm your health and affect your loved ones.

Smoking is bad; it affects all parts of your body. Some of the health effects of smoking include anxiety, early menopause, bronchitis, constricted blood, heart conditions, stroke, COPD, infertility, and many forms of cancer. It is the right decision to quit smoking before it’s too late. However, quitting cigarettes is difficult thanks to nicotine, a highly addictive drug present in cigarettes.

Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic is here to help you quit smoking the right way with our support and advice. Our smoking cessation support includes many things, from group counselling and talk sessions to one-on-one advice, along with medications for severe cigarette addiction. We can also help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms with nicotine chewing pieces, nicotine patches, nicotine inhalers, oral sprays, etc.

You can expect the following things from our smoking cessation support:

  • Over-the-counter product recommendations to help you quit smoking
  • Planned preparation for nicotine withdrawal and craving with the right support
  • Individualized action plan and counselling sessions to help ease the transition
  • Motivational coaching support with regular follow-up and monitoring sessions
  • Support to help you make healthier lifestyle, dietary, and physical choices
  • Advice on coping with the stress and options for dealing with relapses
  • Collaborative support from healthcare providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to smoking cessation
  • Support network and resource recommendations to help you reach your goals

Become tobacco-free with individualized support and advice. Let us help you quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is challenging, but it does not have to be impossible. Let Walker Lake Remedy’s RX help you quit smoking. Contact us to know more.