Medication Compounding

Commercially available medications are made for the mass market, but they may not work for you or be the best form of medicine for you. Such drugs may cause side effects, be of a more potent dose than required, or you may have difficulty consuming them. If you are struggling with your medications, we can help you with our compound medication solutions.

Use the right kind of medication to treat your illness without any risks of side effects, allergies, or delayed cure with medication compounding.

Compounding is the process of creating unique medicines that suit you individually. It is meticulous, where we test the active ingredients, measure them precisely, and mix them the right way to produce effective compound medicines. Our compound medicines are suitable for you if you can’t find your medication anywhere or if you have medication intolerances, suffer gastrointestinal side effects or allergic reactions.

Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic uses the best equipment and high-quality ingredients to make medications for you at the best prices. Plus, our pharmacists undergo rigorous and specialized training to become compounding pharmacists. We care for you and offer the most comprehensive services for the best support you need for consuming or finding the right medications. You can expect the following things from our medication compounding services:

  • Compounding medication for specific, unique dosage strengths
  • Difficult flavours or formals of medications
  • Medications excluding ingredients that cause sensitivities or allergic reactions
  • Medications with alternative routes of administration
  • Comprehensive consultation with experts before developing compounding medications
  • NAPRA approved ingredients
  • Delivery of compound medications within 48 hours in most cases

Compound medications that we develop are safe and have no side effects. We only use certified ingredients approved by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulation Authorities (NAPRA) for our medications.

Don’t rely on luck when consuming medications. Let us help you use the right medicines that suit you.

Medications heal you, but they may be pointless if you are not using the right kind of drugs that your body requires. Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic can help you get the best and most effective medications with our medication compounding solutions. Give us a call now to know more.