Diabetes Management

One in three people in Canada either have diabetes or will have diabetes in their lives. This makes diabetes a significant health concern for the country. Diabetes is when the body fails to produce glucose or move it from the blood and into the body’s cells. Common symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, gum or skin infections, vaginal infections, blurred vision, slow healing wounds, etc.

Diabetes can wreak havoc on your health and affect your life. Stop the symptoms from getting worse before it’s too late.

There are two major types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, due to which the body fails to produce insulin. This hormone controls blood glucose levels. In Type 2 diabetes, the body either fails to produce sufficient insulin or the cells stop reacting to the insulin, known as insulin resistance. Other forms of diabetes are prediabetes, gestational diabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes, maturity-onset diabetes of the young, etc.

Diabetes must be addressed and treated as soon as it is diagnosed. If it’s left untreated, it can have severe consequences on your health, including heart diseases, stroke, dental issues, nerve damage, and even blindness. Getting an early diagnosis is a key to managing the risks and reducing the symptoms of diabetes, and Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic can help you with that.

We, at Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic, understand how diabetes can affect your life even if you have minor symptoms. We provide complete diabetes management services to keep your health in top condition. We are a team of expert diabetic consultants and specialist nurses who provide you with the right diabetes support, advice, and intensive management, allowing you to lead a full life while minimizing the diabetes symptoms.

Our diabetes services include the following:

  • Complete diabetes assistance
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Blood sugar level control
  • Weight management assistance
  • Lifestyle suggestions and solutions
  • Insulin therapy
  • Medication and supplement recommendations
  • Diabetes diagnosis, monitoring, and supportive care

Don’t let diabetes affect your life. Let us help you deal with the symptoms so you can lead a full life.

Get in touch with Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic now to get the best diabetes management services in town from certified diabetes educators, specialist nurses, and experts.