Smoking Cessation Support

According to the conference board of Canada, smoking causes more than 45,000 deaths every year… Read More

Heart Health

The heart is the only organ in your body that works throughout your life without a single minute of rest…Read More

Home Health Care

Living in a care home is not the same as living independently in your own home. But living independently…Read More

Medication Compounding

Commercially available medications are made for the mass market, but they may not work for you or be the best…Read More


Often, getting the right prescription for medications is not pragmatic; it can be so due to various reasons…Read More

Asthma/COPD Management

Asthma and COPD are the most common chronic lung diseases in Canada that affect thousands of people…Read More

Diabetes Management

One in three people in Canada either have diabetes or will have diabetes in their lives. This makes diabetes…Read More

Medication Reviews

Over half of Canadians who take regular medications for various medical reasons are not taking their…Read More

Medication Management

Walker Lake Remedy’s RX Clinic offers medication management and review services that you can use to …Read More

Injection / Travel Health

We all get excited at the prospect of travelling to exotic new places across the globe to discover new …Read More

Weight Management

Over 9.9 million Canadians are overweight, which is a major health crisis for the country. On the other …Read More

Covid-19 and Flu Shots

Get your Covid-19 shot or Flu shot today.